The 7th Crow

The 7th Crow – The Gospel of Crowley’s Daughter

Paperback: 217 Pages
Format: A5 Illustrated
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Before his death Aleister Crowley went to great pains to perform a reincarnation ritual with 2 other prominent historical figures.But was the ritual for him or for the reincarnation of his beloved deceased first born daughter or both? He left us a trail of bread crumbs to decipher. When the pieces of the puzzle are brought together what do they reveal?

  • Has the Thelémic Messiah been reborn?
  • Is this the Gospel of Babalon ?
  • Or Is this the hagiography of an Anti-Christ?
The long awaited answer to the mystery is simple. Yet the maneuvering, to make this answer available to all has been more complex than a well played game of chess.
  • Uncover secrets hidden deeper than the Da Vinci Code:
  • A 4000 year old prophecy,
  • The lineage of female Popes & Tzadikhim that the Catholic Church would like to erase from history,
  • The Magick ritual that gave birth to Scientology and the Space-Race and facilitated the rebirth of a prophesied and long awaited alternative messiah.
Spanning topics like:
  • Reincarnation,
  • Myth,
  • Ritual,
  • Astronomy,
  • Wars,
  • The real originator of the “Book of the Law’
  • Triumph over Torture and Abuse,
  • Near Death,
  • Crossing The Abyss,
  • Meeting the Holy Guardian Angel,
  • Understanding the Higher Self,
  • The True Will and
  • The Open Secret
This true life account, can result in an individual realising their own True Will and finding personal meaning in life if the don’t go mad first!

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