Spirit Shots

Spirit Shots

B&W 1st edition

Paperback: 210 Pages
Format: A5 Black & White photographs
BUY BOOK NOW: Price: $29.50 (excl. GST)


Answering Questions About Death In this book you find photographic evidence and first hand accounts but this book is more that answer the big questions…
  • What is on the other side?
  • Why are we so afraid of death ?
  • Why is death hidden by society ?
  • Why is discussion of death shunned or scorned ?
Something that will effect each and everyone of us so profoundly should be explored. The reality that eventually we will loose the ones we love and our own life, forces us to ask these questions.
Why isn’t science exploring these basic questions that affect everyone ?
This book will explore these mysteries and more and show you how to have personal experiences that answer these questions for yourself. When you experience spirit communication then you know. This book can help you experience it for yourself.
This book is a practical guide to understanding:
  • The Mysteries of Death,
  • Spirit World Interaction &
  • Mediumship


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