By: Shé D’Montford – View this Author’s Spotlight

Format: A5 – Illustrated
Paperback: 161 Pages
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Don’t Read This Unless You Want The Truth What are demons?
Hollywood and Churches scare people about demons and make them ask:-
  • Am I safe?
  • Who created them?
  • How many demons are there?
  • Can I protect myself?
  • Are demons evil & dangerous?
  • or Does someone just want me to be afraid?
Shé D’Montford’s Demonology is a concise but comprehensive, illustrated guide to the origins and purpose of demons. It outlines the history and evolution of the more popularly demonized spirit entities and it explodes the myths about them and the organisations/religions attached to them.
This text concludes with a reconstruction of an ancient Egyptian ritual via which you are introduced to 42 entities that have been demonized.
Designed to be the ideal gift for a concerned friend or relative of a person who is troubled by these issues. This book will restore calm and remove panic. Unmasking The Shadows.


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